Ubuntu 18.04 ‘Bionic Beaver’ was a bountiful release that brought a bunch of brilliant improvements to the fore — but alas, the end is nigh.

Well, kind of.

Ubuntu 18.04 hits end-of-life on May 31, 2023 — but, importantly, it only affects standard support.

Ubuntu Pro Subscribers get Extended Support Maintenance (ESM) on Ubuntu 18.04 for a further 5 years, pushing the Beaver’s true EOL date out to 2028.

ubuntu 18.04 desktop screenshot
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS bore a distinct look

Not sure which support you get? Then you almost certainly have standard support.

Ubuntu Pro is not automatic but something you have to specifically sign-up for it (it’s free for personal users on up to 5 computers). You also then need to enable Ubuntu Pro in Ubuntu 18.04 using the Software & Updates app.

Once configured, Ubuntu Pro coverage ensures Ubuntu 18.04 LTS stays supported with critical security patches for both software it comes with and software in the repos until April 2028.

But if you don’t do that you won’t get any further updates.

None, nada, nowt.

Don’t want to reinstall, but don’t want to sign up for Ubuntu Pro? You can upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from 18.04 with a stable internet connection. This requires a bit more effort on your part (be sure to make a backup before you begin) but is a well-trodden upgrade route.

Do you still use 18.04? Do you have any fond memories of using it? Let me know below!