Ubuntu 23.04 is now officially available for StarFive’s VisionFive 2, a powerful RISC-V single-board computer.

Canonical worked with StarFive’s engineering team to create an optimised version of the latest Ubuntu release for use on the VisionFive 2.

This single-board computer (SBC) boasts greater performance than the first-generation model (which Ubuntu also supported) thanks in part to its inclusion of an integrated GPU – the first RISC-V board to offer one.

RISC-V is a burgeoning and exciting area of open computing. StarFive’s boards provide developers interested in furthering that work, be it on software or hardware engineering sides, with an accessible and affordable way to do so.

And while software support for RISC-V boards like the VisionFive 2 is formative it is evolving fast, so providing developers with the latest Ubuntu release gives them a solid platform and access to some of the latest development tools — a big boon, clearly.

If you’re lucky enough to have StarFive’s VisionFive 2 you can download Ubuntu 23.04 from the Ubuntu website’s RISC-V page, which also provides links to further information should you need it.

In all, exciting stuff!