Intel’s open-source monospace font (imaginatively titled ‘Intel One Mono’) has been updated.

“You’re blogging about a frickin’ font update?!”, you scoff (justifiably perhaps). But hey: indulge me (if only so I can continue using words beginning with ‘I’).

Font updates aren’t that exciting, granted. But Intel One Mono was created specifically for developers (which means it’s also ideal for terminals, which I know a lot of you use on the regular, thus making this post relevant).

I also don’t need to assume this font is popular with you folks; my original post about Intel One Mono lingered in the omg sidebar trending widget for a veritable age.

Anyway, Intel One Mono v1.3.0 is out and it drastically alter the essential. Instead, Intel has applied subtle iteration and modest improvements:

  • Improved language support through ccmp and mark features in sources
  • Added calt feature to raise colon for alignment with operators
  • Update family name across fonts, sources and licence: Intel One Mono
  • Updated artwork and hinting for hyphen, endash, emdash, grave, uni2011 and uni2015
  • Improved linking of styles in sources and builds

Nice changes, so if you use an older version be sure to download and replace it with the latest for the best possible experience.

You can download Intel One Mono from GitHub in OTF, TTF, and WOFF.

Go get it, try it, and let me know what you think (or which monospace font prefer instead).