The first point release to GNOME Shell 45 only hit Ubuntu 23.10 at the end of last month, and now a second one is already on its way!

GNOME Shell 45.2 was released upstream at the start of December, now Ubuntu’s developers have packaged it up and pushed it out to users of Ubuntu 23.10.

It hit the mantic-proposed repo today so assuming no unexpected issues are found in the coming days the update will be pushed out to all users through the regular update channel in the coming week or two.

Think of it as an early Christmas treat 🎁!

As with GNOME Shell 45.1, the latest point release is a bug fix bonanza. All manner of errant issues have addressed, including several that pertain to performance:

  • Fix performance degradation due to repeated signal leak
  • Optimise application search
  • Fix on-screen keyboard backspace getting stuck
  • Fix arrow navigation in search results
  • Support async code in Eval() D-Bus method
  • Fix sliders not requesting any size
  • Only show prefs dialog after the extension has been loaded
  • Improve high-contrast styling
  • Fix mapping of tablet rings/strips
  • Add support for “version-name” field in extension metainfo

For me, the first 2 items in that list are the most interesting.

But it’s likely be the optimised app search buff that gives the most tangible benefit, especially if you use GNOME Shell on a device or virtual machine with limited resources as it reduces the delay before search results appear.

As well as the above, devs also calmed a crop of crash-causing calamities, fixed up a flurry of finicky flaws, and had a bit of code cleanup to keep things ship shape.

So yeah: if you’re on Ubuntu 23.10, keeps an eye out for this update. It’s not the most ground-breaking one but, as point releases go, it’s packing in some appreciable performance patches.